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School Skillset

From Professional Development and

21st Century Teaching Skills to

Dynamic management skills for School Management Teams

Skillset has everything you need under one roof!

Skillset professional development coaching programs will equip teachers with essential coaching skills to empower them to inspire students; engage with parents positively; and build strong, dynamic, cohesive interpersonal relationships.


The Skillset INTEGRATIVE TEACHER workshops and training programs are designed to equip today’s teacher with world class professional and communication skills:

  • Improve educator's resilience and adaptability

  • Develop professional coaching and teaching skills

  • Create synergy in Grades

  • Increase emotional intelligence

A dedicated and committed school management team is the keystone of any successful school, but what happens when SMT members struggle to implement effective planning, organise their departments, manage their time or have conflicting ideas?



Skillset teaches SMT’s how to use COACHING in their managing approach:

  • Create an inspired vision for your department!

  • Establish dynamic strategies to meet your objectives!

  • Manage time and get organised!

  • Galvanise a cohesive team!

  • Delegate and upskill your teachers!

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