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Parent Coaching

Imagine you could afford the best life coach to work with your child and could watch them flourish and thrive as they uncover their individual gifts and talents.


What if that coach...

was you?

What value would you place on your child’s ability to transform stress and fear of failure into success, insight and achievement? Now imagine that YOU had the tools to empower them whilst giving yourself the opportunity to grow, learn and be inspired…

Join the Skillset seminars and webinars and find out how you can motivate, empower and inspire your child!!

Discover you parenting personality and find a new, insightful approach that brings out the best in your family connections.

What are the limiting beliefs that hold your child back?  Learn how to transform your child’s toughest challenges into strengths!

This simple yet powerful 3 step coach method will transform your conversations into solution focused, positive interactions!

Trying to keep the peace by doing everyone else’s tasks? Create real harmony at home by empowering your family to do their part.

Using coaching skills and techniques, this module gives you an approach that nurtures your child’s ability to think creatively and solve problems independently.

Are you building or breaking your child’s confidence? Learn how to encourage your child’s self-confidence with a coaching approach!

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