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Realise the full potential of your business as we help you get the best out of your employees, managers and teams.


Equip teachers with essential coaching skills, empower them to inspire students, engage with parents positively, and build strong, dynamic, cohesive interpersonal relationships!


A varying parenting approach is essential if you want to make meaningful and deep family connections




Dynamic Leadership

Effective Teams

and Business

Success Strategies

We give you the tools you need to be successful and happy in business, at school and at home. 

21st Century Teachers

School Management Leaders and Teams

and Performing Pupils


Parenting skills to create

harmony at home and bring out the

best in your children 

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What our clients say...

"The coaching workshop not only assisted me in pulling my team together, it also assisted my staff in understanding themselves in their personal and professional worlds. 
Michelle rates as one of the best! " 

Carrie Viljoen

Head of Department 

“We have tried various avenues to bring out the best in our sales team.  The introduction of the Enneagram with Skillset has brought their natural sales skills to the fore. There is no doubt they are more effective as a result.”

Michael Rebbew

Sales Dept Head. 

"Coaching has helped me find better ways to communicate discipline and responsibility with my kids. 

Homework is easier and school projects are now well-planned and creative. "

Nokukhanya Matlala

Business Owner and Mother of 2

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