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The Enneagram is a fascinating, powerful system of psychology that describes the nine personality styles that human beings most favour.

The Enneagram is about people - how we are the same, how we are different, what makes us tick.

The descriptions of these styles are both profound and comprehensive, detailing th einner motivations, thought patterns and basic beliefs of each one. Newcomers to the Enneagram are often amazed to find clear, accurate portraits of themselves and most everyone they know

The potential of the Enneagram to improve personal and organisational wellness is immense and is commonly applied at 4 levels:

Personal Development

At the individual level the Enneagram is a powerful teal for self discovery and transformation and is used to:

  • Create self awareness

  • Develop emotional intelligence

  • Personal growth

  • Strengths development


The Enneagram is the 'go to' tool for bring people closer together. 

The 9 Languages of the Enneagram will reveal the true intentions, meanings and thought processes behind what people think, say or do. 

With a deep understanding of your own type you will discover powerful communication and engagement skills that will bring out the best in yourself and others. 

When used in relationships, the Enneagram will help you:


  • Improve communication

  • Acknowledge diverse perspectives

  • Create harmonious relationships

  • Create clarity

  • Build strong connections


Build and bond your team as the Enneagram reveals how to bring out the best in team members as their individual values, goals, aspirations and communication styles are revealed.  


Teams Learn

  • Self Awareness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Skills

  • How to leverage on the combined efforts of team

  • How to overcome conflict

  • How to create synergy

  • How to improve productivity


The key to creating a healthy, happy, and enthusiastic company culture is to ensure that it creates space for employees to thrive and be inspired to perform. The Enneagram provides deep and rich insights into the core needs and desires of your staff, helping you to build a positive and productive company culture.  

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